Fund for Intercultural Education

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Intercultural education

As an overarching aim of our Fund we see popularisation of knowledge concerning various cultures and societies, including Polish traditional culture. We organise classes for children, workshops for teenagers and young adults, and courses for teachers. We prepare photo exhibitions and educational support materials. Some of them are available for download from our website: One can find there colouring books, board games, puzzles, crosswords, and brainteasers for children, as well as articles and photo reportages for adults. There are also educational kits for teachers, carefully prepared to facilitate their work in class.

Facilitation of community development

Our projects concerning community development aim at encouraging local people to undertake educational and developmental activities in their home regions. We assist a development of agritourism in Pankisi Gorge in Georgia and we also offer support for pregnant women and young mothers in this region. Our local partner is Marszua Kawkaz NGO. We also maintain a website introducing culture and people of the Pankisi region.


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Łazienkowska 7 room 102
00-449 Warszawa

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ul. Zwycięzców 59 m 9
03-937 Warszawa

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Volkswagen Bank Direct 98 2130 0004 2001 0377 3694 0001

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